Lehigh Valley's Pa most corrupt attorney.

Kevin T. Fogerty

Kevin T Fogerty is located in Allentown, PA. Fogerty’s mission in life is punishing hard working families and destroying small business owners right here in the Allentown area. Cashing in on the Covid tragedy that has devastated small business, Fogerty is making millions from filing frivolous lawsuits against unsuspecting business owners. There’s fraud and corruption in Lehigh, Fogerty is the source. 

Kevin T Fogerty IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE! This man is corrupt to he bone. This idiot had the whole story figured out without actually asking a single question or doing an investigation. Here's the problem, we lost and I never heard from Fogerty again. $7K of my cash spent on Fogerty's vacation home at the shore and I got nothing.
I was on the receiving end of this ambulance chaser a while back. This idiot threatened me and my family in an email. Apparently Kevin Fogerty was so focused to collect the $5k retainers check, he forgot about he truth or the actual facts. With one email, I corrected and disproved all of this man’s outrages accusations of nonsense. Turned out to be just another angry and uninformed customer who lied to get attention. Mr Kevin Fogerty bought this line of garbage without questioning, investigating and or any research at all. What a joke of a man!
Fren K.
All hot air, no substance. Fogerty filed a contract dispute against our contractor over a completion date and some smaller issues that could've been handled privately . We wasted $12K on fighting this contractor and got nothing in return. He's all show and no follow up, don't hire this company!